Our beautiful son Owen was born on August 26, 2011. He shares his birthday with his dad and his heart of both of us.

Unfortunately, on November 13th 2011 he suffered from a pediatric stroke that caused brain damage to his right
frontal lobe. After the stroke we were told that Owen may not be able to walk and would likely lose the majority of movement in his left arm and hand. Owen was working hard to prove them wrong. Attending physical and occupational therapy, Owen began using his hand to show the doctors that he is too stubborn to listen to them.

On January 27th, 2011… Owen went in for a EEG to see how he was progressing since being taken off one of the many dications he is on. During that time we found that Owen was having infantile spasms. Infantile spasms are an extremely dangerous kind of epilepsy that is often linked with developmental issues. Owen now has the tough job of going through a diet and steroid regiment in addition to all of the other work he was already doing. We are confident that Owen will once again beat the odds and show us how tough he his!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Owen Update - Surgery July 13th

Hello everyone,

 I feel as if every-time I write this letter something changes. I would like to apologize for how somber the last email was; it was a very difficult day. We are currently doing well with tons of hope.

Here is the brief list of what the last two months have been like:

  • Seizure monitoring hospital stay (EMU). Owen having over 100 seizures per day, very difficult to hear.
  • Ketogenic diet hospital stay. Owen responded well to treatment but some seizures remain.
  • MRI & PET scans. Found out that Owen is a candidate for surgery.
  • Met with surgeons. Hard day but made me a little hopeful and scared all at the same time.
  • 2nd opinion in Boston. It was a great trip but second opinion confirmed surgery is our best option. He is very optimistic which was nice. Thank you Tim & Sue for letting us stay with you while we were out. You made that trip as much fun as a trip like that could possibly be.
  • Scheduling the surgery, if it makes Owen better than I am ok!
It has been a very difficult two months, but we are trying not to focus on the negative. Here are some positive things that Owen has accomplished:

  • Sitting up, he falls over every now and then but it is very seldom!
  • First word, yep Owen said “ma”. I do not think he knows what it means yet but I will take it.
  • Best yet! Owen and I had Physical therapy and the therapist wants Owen to work on walking! Yes WALKING! I could not be more thrilled! So Owens stands in a baby chair for support but he is moving! I am so excited!
  • Owen has now been on top of the Rocky Mountains and seen the ocean!
  • First wedding. We got the opportunity to be witness a great friend get married recently so we made the long 2 ½ hour trek up the hill to Vail for a long weekend.  We were thrilled that we could share that with our great friends.
  • First fire alarm! J Yep, while in Vail we experienced our first fire alarm at 2 am.  It was not fun and afterwards Owen thought that it was time to play. I guess the Sauna got to hot. However, we were all fine!

 We are doing something special for Owen.  I am collecting fabric ribbons to make a blanket out of.  I have received a ton of ribbons and it is coming together nicely. If you would like to donate to the blanket of Love (as I like to call it), please just send to it to Mike and I. Please donate to the ribbon cause! I am not asking for much, just a fabric ribbon that is any shape form or color. 

 Well, I do not know much more, I hope that this letter finds you all well.  We have a surgery date of July 13th at 1:30.  At that moment, please take a moment for pray for Owen.  Get everyone that you know to do the same.  Let us bombard God with Owen prayers!

Thank you again for your support, I do not think that I could do any of this without you all, so thank you.  Your letters have brought tears to my eyes.  You have given me strength that I did not know I had.  Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare for the next step. 

Val, Mike, and Owen

The surgery Owen will have is called a hemispherectomy.
Attached are some recent pictures of Owen:

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