Our beautiful son Owen was born on August 26, 2011. He shares his birthday with his dad and his heart of both of us.

Unfortunately, on November 13th 2011 he suffered from a pediatric stroke that caused brain damage to his right
frontal lobe. After the stroke we were told that Owen may not be able to walk and would likely lose the majority of movement in his left arm and hand. Owen was working hard to prove them wrong. Attending physical and occupational therapy, Owen began using his hand to show the doctors that he is too stubborn to listen to them.

On January 27th, 2011… Owen went in for a EEG to see how he was progressing since being taken off one of the many dications he is on. During that time we found that Owen was having infantile spasms. Infantile spasms are an extremely dangerous kind of epilepsy that is often linked with developmental issues. Owen now has the tough job of going through a diet and steroid regiment in addition to all of the other work he was already doing. We are confident that Owen will once again beat the odds and show us how tough he his!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Owen update

Like Mike has said already, we really thank you for all the support
that you have given us. We a truly blessed to have great friends and
I really wanted to share how we are doing: the month of February was a
very hard month. We started ACTH, learned how to give him a shot and
watched our little boy hungary and irritable most of the day. We
celebrate a my millstone birthday! Yeah!
As we continued the month we watched our little boy come back! I said
at the beginning of this month that I just want to see Owen smile. He
graced us with his smiles as the month ended. Our house isn't filled
with cries, it's filled with laughter. It's a welcome sight. We are so excited to see our Owen coming back to his normal self.
We have done another EEG and met with the neologist. Good news finally
came with no more spasm. The neologist warned us that he might go back
afterwards. We will see after a month from now.
Other that we are doing well, we are still amino suppressed so we are
limiting the amount of visitors to very few. We don't want to run the
risk of Owen getting sick. Soon Owen will be ready to head out and
play. Until then we wait and enjoy all his smiles.
We ask you keep us in your prayers. As we pray for good news from the
EEG. We also keep our friend, Hazel in your prayers as well, she
continues her chemo.
Thank you so much!

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